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Hashtags, Facebook and possibilities

Social Media No news for Facebook to enter. It seems that 2013 will be the year we see how the popular social network Mark Zuckerberg enter many things beyond his well loved search engine based on Open Graph. also arrive Hashtag, which traditionally linked to Twitter and now will be integrated into one of the most important social networks in the world. ( [...]

Important Car Safety Features Every P...

The number of children dying in car accidents dropped over 40% between 2002 and 2011, according to a new CDC report. There are a number of reasons that the figure has declined, but new safety features seem to have played the biggest role. Parents should be aware of the safety features available in new vehicles to keep their children safe. (mo [...]

A Detailed Comparison Of The Differen...

While developing a website for your company, you might come across a number of open source software that helps in developing a website. If you are wondering which CMS will be the perfect one for you then you need to have an insight of each of the three most popular ones. These content management systems are easy to use and there are online co [...]

Digital marketing techniques

Digital marketing refers to using the everyday electronic devices such as cell phones, personal computers, tablets and gaming consoles for the marketing the purposes and making sure that the stakeholders are rightly engaged to the product. Most of the digital marketing techniques include using the main items such as various websites, applicat [...]

The App of Your Dreams – Ask Me

blogdips.com3 Mobile phones have upgraded from simple bar phones of the minimal interface to Smartphone. Similarly the application being used on phones have been upgraded. Smartphone use application that helps you achieve multiple tasks. But when I look at some applications, I find them to be very domain specific. With this post, I will introduce you to an [...]

Google and Page Title of your page

SEO Does little good to Joost Valk, the creator of the WordPress SEO plugin, denounced in his blog, including complaints and resignations that Google takes time and doing what you want with the titles of the pages displayed in search results. More often than not, a WordPress SEO plugin installed as we can without much trouble to change the title [...]

International online store? Do this!

SEO The possibilities offered by the internet when we sell our products all over the world are immense, virtually unlimited (except for customs and other conflicts). Still, given the increasing number of digital elements that can be placed on sale anywhere in the world from your web page, it is normal to try to cover as much as possible but, as a [...]

Favicons, design, and SEO

Blogging You know what a Favicon? By the way, before entering the field, explain that it is a small page icon, one associated with a web page that can be viewed in the browser next to the image URL.’s Favicon have enough things to do for us and not all of them have to do with the design and have a “professional look” on our website. [...]

Making your company website shine wit...

Today with each and every business taking the way of the internet to get where they want, it is apparent that they will also devise different ways for the same as well. It is not just for the sake of making the whole world take up different routes to reach a point; it is about making the best out of one way that is the internet. Web designers [...]

Signs that You May Have a Bad Piston

Pistons are important components in the engine of your car. Your car would burn oil too quickly if they aren’t working properly. Your pistons also help maintain your oil pressure levels. You will need to be aware if there are problems with your pistons so that you can have them addressed. (more…)